Buying a hugger undertray or belly pan ? Look here 1st

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There have been many reports to ourselves about bogus or counterfiet copies of Pyramid Plastics goods for sale on Ebay .

We ourselves are an official stockist of this product and we get many enquiries about fitting kits etc due to ones being purchased online and from auto jumbles and boot fares.

All Genuine Pyramid products come with fitting kits if they dont have them then ask why when supplied with from new.

All Genuine Pyramid products come with fitting instructions no instructions ask your self why .

All Genuine Pyramid Products come with the Pyramid stickers but there is an added way to know if your getting the real McCoy and that is the name PYRAMID with there logo is acid etched into the product this cannot be removed and is the only way to know you have a genuine product .

Many try to copy as Pyramid are renowned to be one of the best in the world for there fitting and quality many cheaper products are offered no fitting kits no instructions and no back up service .

Save a few quid intially to find it is useless when bought beware of the scammers if you need to confirm who is selling the genuine products call Pyramid on  01427 612536 the people at Pyramid will confirm if there a dealer in there goods or a one hit wonder .

This is all about piece of mind for those who want the best and make sure you get the best

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