Buying a laptop off ebay, what to look for

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After browsing through the laptops section on a regular basis i find it quite easy to spot the scammers from the genuine offers. This is to help you not to be ripped off. One part to look out for is the items location, you will see under the price where it was advertised e.g. china or USA. If you click onto the link and see the user registered in the united kingdom leave the auction alone because the chances are the account has been stolen. Another give away is that the person will always put in their e-mail into the auction because if you use ask seller a question they will be alerted someone else is using there account. The next thing is always check the feedback, many laptops advertised in china are put on by scammers, they will set up an account and put a couple of random auctions up and either use another account or get their friends to buy the item, there will be no description on these items and the feedback comments are always the same. One final thing to look out for is if there are a lot of laptops listed and all have the same picture and same description and have roughyl the same amount of auction time left it's probably a scammer. Last part of advice is if in doubt dont bid for it and always use the ask ebayer a question, the rest is judgement on your part.
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