Buying a micra on Ebay

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Hi all. This is regarding my experience on buying a nissan micra on ebay.

I bought the nissan micra  Item number# 4635387392 from ebay seller id: highgatemotors for £472 for which he said he is selling on behalf of his friend Craig. I picked the car from Craig and paid him cash.

On our way back home the car tried to stall at 50mph but i thought its may be fuel line not so clean.

I added the fuel line cleaner but nothing improved, i informed the seller about this he said to contact Craig.

I took the car to local garage and i was told the throttle body needs replacing which is a common problem in these cars it can cost me from £150 to £500 depending on which way i adopt, i later checked the MOT and on it is says the mileage as 100153 whereas the car speedometer says 67000. I spoke to Craig and Highgate motors about this. Craig said he is going to send me the cheque of £60 to compensate the throttle body problem and he was not aware of any such fault in the car and will send me the new MOT with the correct mileage and also he was reminded to send the log book off to DVLA.

Well after six weeks nothing happened. The log book was not received and i asked the DVLA to send me the new one in my name. No cheque of £60 was ever received and so the MOT certificate. I contacted the MOT garage and they said nothing could really be done. Craig's mobile is on answering machine and highgatemotors is not responding thorough emails. I had to fix this problem from my pocket and i dont know what will happen when i try to resale the car after some time.

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