Buying a mobile phone (cell phone)

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What mobile to buy?


At the moment (feb 2007) there is a huge range of mobile phones out. Some with 2 or 3 megapixal cameras, some with even things like flashlights or compasses. Now-a-days you can get a phone to do just about anything, but ask yourself, what do you really need!  Would you mind spending an extra $200 or £100 just for the latest gizmos when really, the majority of people will just use it for texting or making calls.  Yes a digital camera built in  is a nice feature and i do have a phone with one built-in but unless you get one with a 2 megapixal camera or better, it isn't worth it because the quality is dreadful. Having a radio in your phone is also an expensive extra when really, who ever uses it?  the thing i do advise though is getting a phone witch supports a memory card and mp3s.  This is brilliant for at the gym or whenever.  you may even be able to plug it in to your stereo and use it as an ipod almost.

If you are one who loves packing all the latest features into a phone and dosent mind spending the extra, i would wait a while because soon the new generation of mobiles will come with nokia bringing out phones that support things such as wi-fi and 9 megapixal cameras! Nokia in my opinion have fallen behind sony erricson etc ate the monet but give them time and they'll bounce back with a large punch. So you guys big on technology, just hold on for a while.

If you do want a phone now i would either go with a sony erricson or a samsung. They are very reliable and easy to use while maintaining all the best features.

For people just wanting to make calls, dont spend over £90 or $160.


Thank you and good luck with your phones!

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