Buying a mobility scooter

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After a dreadful experience buying a scooter from ebay, having to resort to ebay complaints and consumer protection i eventually got my money back, so still out of pocket with fuel costs and time.

When you are buying a scooter Check:

The vehicle numbers before you buy, you can always search for eg. Sunrise medical and ring their office with the number.

The manufacturer should be able to give you the age of the scooter also parts availability.

If the scooter is advertised at approx 2 years old, it should be that.

The one we bought broke on the first use, we tried to get parts direct from sunrise medical, they in fact told us it was 10 years old and not approx 2 years. parts were VERY limited it would have cost £300+ to mend, so i contacted the seller and he was very unhelpful until i "rejected the goods under the sales of goods act"

Check everything on the scooter, lights, brakes, speed eg 4 or 8MPH. To go on the roads a scooter must be 8MPH and also have indicators and lights.

So if you live rurally where there are not many footpaths, 8mph is a must.

See if the scooter will fit in your car (if needed to) will it fit in your home?

Get insurance (about £30 a year) protects your scooter from theft, accident, damage etc. )

Why is the seller selling their scooter?

Have a test ride, see how it performs on grass roads kerbs, you will need a basket for shopping on the front.

Batteries and charging, a scooter with a 3 pin plug that plugs directly from your scooter to the mains is easiest, you don't need a battery charger separately and messing about.

Check what weight the scooter can carry, if the scooter is up to 15 stone and you are 15 stone get the next size up.

Handlebars, these should be adjustable for comfort of the rider, controls should be easy, depending on disability some will be easier than others, seat height should also be adjustable.

Arm rests are excellent and should be adjustable in height if possible.

The seat height should be adjustable too for comfort.

When riding on a scooter you get exceptionally cold, you can get blankets specially made for scooters.

Remember ask questions, the seller should be helpful

Does the seller give a guarantee?

Remember if in doubt, don't buy often mobility shops have used/traded in scooters for sale.

You do not want to be left stranded by an unreliable piece of junk,

the mobility scooter is someones lifeline/ legs buy wisely.

I hope this information helps you, i wish someone had given me this information. The faulty scooter i returned was for sale on ebay  a few days later, no way could it have been repaired properly the part had to be ordered from sunrise medical and would take approx 2 weeks and it could only be delivered to a mobility shop who would fit it.

If i hadn't been persistant and knew my rights i would have been ripped off


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