Buying a motorcycle

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Buying a motorcycle.

Before buying a motorcycle check for common problems with the particular machine, ie/ if you are interested in a honda 250, go ask google, join a yahoo group (it cost's nowt and look).

Depending on how much you are able to part with spend wisely, if you were going to spend a couple of grand then seek a reputable mechanic or rac/aa.

when you buy cheap that is what you get, do not expect it to be right, usualy it is not.       untested, stored, selling for a friend, these are a little dubious be careful.

Another pointer, look at the sellers feedback, do the sellers leave feedback when they have received your money? if not steer well clear, be warned, I call these sellers feedback blackmailers, they wait for the buyer to leave it first !! 

I was caught out with this trap, I bought an item, paid top money for courier delivery (paypal within 3 mins of auction ending) after a week of waiting I emailed the seller, (who had not left me feedback) they gave me some sob story so I left them positive feedback, they in turn left me negative feedback, what is wrong with asking for your hard earned money back if they can't be bothered to post it? send you wrong postage details??

tarnished my 100% feedback score.

so my friends, always ask someone that knows, you can contact sellers previous customers, most people are genuine and will willingly tell you about their dealings with a seller.

A genuine seller will be helpfull courteous and always respond efficiently to your questions.

we use ebay a lot and will continue to do so, tread carefully, regards from mitchandclaire

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