Buying a used Honda EX650

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The Honda EX650 Generator was the quietest so far by Honda and very reliable, sadly it was phased out in 1998/99.
There are still a lot of them about on the used market so how do you spot a good one.

Here are a few tips on buying  a used Honda EX650.

When you have spotted the EX650 that you wish to purchase ask the seller  questions as to its past history, maybe get a photo of the exhaust outlet and the engine.

The casing will be the first tell tale sign on use, but never judge a book by the cover, this might be a set that has been humped around but hardly had any use but looks like a nail.
One way to tell is the exhaust outlet. The EX650 exhaust terminates in a space behind a grill, this space is lined with white fibreglass matting.
A low usage set will still have clean matting with just a small amount of exhaust staining, the more use then the dirtier the matting.. Heavy use will show black staining , really heavy use then the matting will be totally black and possibly oily too.

Opening up the case to have a look at the engine is another way to tell.
The muffler box is behind a white fibreglass cover, this cover should be relatively clean.
The engine should be bright metal and the chassis  free of oil and muck.

When you start the generator there should be no blue smoke if there is and it lasts for more than ten seconds then it is an indication that new rings are needed in the very near future. (If the generator has been delivered by a courier it might have been on it's side so there may be blue smoke due to this)
Listen for any squealing sounds, this would indicate a dry alternator bearing which if left would collapse and damage would occur.

Plug something in that is about 550 watts if the engine speed drops drastically then it might need a decoke.
If the seller has performed a decoke ask if all the head bolts are all present because the EX650 had a tendency to lock up the bolt nearest the exhaust due to high temperature in that area, metal from the engine fuses with the bolt so as you undo it locks, further turning breaks the bolt so you have to drill out and insert a helical thread. One missing bolt will lower the compression due to the head gasket leaking.

The above will help you decide if you are getting a bargain or a nail.

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