Buying a used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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Choosing the right dealer is key....

Most dealers now offer 6 or 12 month warranties and most buyers never ask what it actually covers until they try to claim,  only then do they find out it covers very little at best, always ask who the warranty provider is, what the claim limit per claim is, what it excludes, search online for reviews of that warranty provider and see what other say, this will really be an eye opener in most cases. Budget warranties help dealers sell a car slightly cheaper because they cost them less to buy, these are full of grey areas and wear and tear clauses to escape paying out and leaving the customer to pay. 

Breakdown Cover;
Did you know most breakdown cover will not actually get you back home, cover can vary from simply getting you to a local garage, to possibly taking you  50 miles, not an ideal situation for anyone, especially with a wheelchair passenger onboard. RAC Breakdown cover takes you home. its called customer care done well. 

Dealer Services;
Does the dealer have on site workshop facilities and ramps so they can inspect the vehicle fully including underneath the vehicle, which would be part of a pre delivery inspection report. Why would you pay full price for a vehicle they only know 50% about, this mistake could prove very costly when its due its next MOT!!!

Is the dealer FCA Registered, This is a legal requirement by law and provides protection for you should things go wrong financially, a dealer also requires to be FCA Registered to discuss any financial matters or offer advice including recommending independent finance companies as this is classed as an introducer and may impact on any rights you may have should things go wrong later, search  FCA to check the dealer is compliant
Dealer Reviews;
Customer reviews are a perfect way to learn what  other customers have said when dealing with that dealer, and may also offer an insight into how they have dealt with any possible warranty claims or other problems they may have incurred

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