Buying a used car on Ebay

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When buying a used car on Ebay.

1.Read the advert a couple of times and study it before bidding.

2.Use the correct form of communication ie. Email seller or if Tel.No. available then dont be frightened to ring and ask questions.One that is really bad is Email in Txt format very irritating for seller.

3. If the seller does not reveal Reserve then don,t ask it as this is clearly an auction sale and thus will not be revealed.

4.When looking at Make Type of car if this is a model you have never owned,try ask someone who has one even in supermarket car park dont bid on a car that you know nothing about.

5.If you win the bid try and make contact with seller as soon as possible to arrange col/payment.

6.Read the sellers Feedback and any other comments this will give you an insight into how they deal with people.

7.When won bid on car and go to collect you have paid the price and agreed to the sellers terms it is not a time to go and Haggle this is very frustrating and can lead to confrontation.

8.If you do get to car and it is no way as described then its time to either accept at a reduced rate or walk away do not be bullied into taking the car if not as advertised/described.

9.Try and make sure that you can have a test drive even if it costs more on insurance to be safe, as if even bought car are you insured to drive home as many as you will be driving illegal and this could be a bad end to your new purchase.

10.When you look at all documents make sure they tally up with what has been said, check car chassis no with V5 and MOT DO NOT DRIVE CAR AWAY if these do not match,if car is advertised with tax read disc and make sure the Reg no is correct,if not Report it.

I hope this is of use to other Ebayers as i have sold many cars on Ebay as far away as South Spain and a lot of happy customers have been made,a few niggles along the way with bad/non payers but if you read my tips a lot of this can be avoided,please remember if you have done wrong then dont leave bad Feedback just to cover yourself this is unfair and really shouldnt be aloud. 

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