Buying a used high miler 960

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Both the 960 2.5 litre and its bigger brother 3.0 litre are heavy drinkers! There is not a great difference in their drinking habits, but with increasing fuel costs at the pumps for unleaded (now £1.30 p.p.l) it can be a painful trip visiting the local petrol station as the numbers of litres blur quickly round on the pump until you find yourself having to reset the pump to continue filling up as you hit the forecourt's pump filling limit of £80.00 per fill.

Putting this to one side however, the pain soon disappears once you have turned the ignition key and once more you join the other motorists battling for space on the no somewhat congested road network once more. Once the madness of getting into the flow of traffic has passed, and you have found that long open space of road - this is where the 960 comes into it's own and really pays you back for the hardship you go through in the pain spent to keep your cherished car on the road.

These cars certainly pay tribute to their esteemed background as bullet proof in terms of their ease to consume hundreds of thousands of miles effortlessly it seems as you scroll through the odometer numbers to perhaps if very well maintained see the magic 000000/0 come around? It has been done!!

Okay, so this all sounds great (apart from the fuel costs) but there is a downside to this! A volvo is not everyones cup of tea! I back this up by a bit of carnal knowledge when receiving my annual car insurance reminder and price review! Way hey - I thought as I hatily opened up the envelope only to find that for no particualr reasonI could muster or indeed understand? My premium for the year had actually risen by a staggering and outrageous £100.00 !

When I contacted my brokers, they informed me that this was (don't laugh) "Well sir, you do drive a Volvo"! "So, meaning"?? I replied. To which the insurer responded "Well Sir, if you were unfortunate to be involved in a road traffic accident whilst drivinng you Volvo 960 GLE Estate,what ever you came into contact with would be worse off! i.e very badly damaged as a direct result in coming off worse by being hit by your Volvo". I laughed my head off and hung up the phone. What an absolute load of twaddle!!

So, in summing up owning a 960 Volvo.....................

Yes you could, probably should, could probably get away with long as you don't have to fill it up regularly.

But if you do - dig deep, very deep and you may want to consider selling one of your kidneys to pay for it, or simply give up oxygen for a while. It's cheaper!


Volvo 960

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