Buying a used wheelchair at auction

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Why should you buy a used wheelchair at auction, when you can probably buy a brand new one cheaper?
The answer is simple, a used British made wheelchair can be capable of giving you many years service, and in the event of a breakdown they can be repaired.With one of the many cheap imports you pay your money, and take your chances.
Parts are still available for most British wheelchairs manufactured during the past 35 years, and with the most common wheelchairs auctioned on Ebay the parts are interchangeable.
The names to look out for are Invacare, Remploy, and Lomax. These are all exceptionally well made wheelchairs of a reasonable weight around 15kg. with a user weight of 18 stone.
Also don't be ripped off by the postage cost, a reasonable delivery charge for a wheelchair from a business seller, who most probably uses a carrier is around £12.50. A private seller who will have to use Royal Mail will have to pay more than this to post the chair.
If you buy from a business seller ask what guarantee, and after sales service, he is offering before you bid. Always look at the sellers feedback this will tell you if he is selling any amount of wheelchairs, if he is he should be offering some guarantee.
Another important point to look out for is the returns policy, if the wheelchair is not suitable for you, and the seller will not take it back, you are stuck with it.
So before you bid for your wheelchair remember the word GRASS.
Guarantee, Returns, After Sales Service
Happy Bidding
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