Buying an Acoustic Guitar for under £200?

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I have been playing guitar for 15 years. Many guitars had been and gone. Some expensive, some cheap ones. It was time to get a decent one for keeps. I'm not loaded with spare cash. I had to save really hard to get my guitar. Mortgage and Kids to feed, usual story.

After a few months of looking for a new Electro-Acoustic Guitar i have finally found the one.

I had a budget of up to £250 and I have been playing various makes in the shops and nothing really grabbed me until i found a Washburn D10SCE, I had read several review guides which said this was an excellent guitar for the price and it was the number 1 selling guitar. Now this was priced at £240 in this particular shop and the shop keeper would not haggle on the price, so i thought I'd try the internet.

After numerous best price searches i found that RICH TONE MUSIC LIMITED on eBay had the best price of £149 with £10 delivery (next day). I did not hesitate and ordered mine on the Saturday evening.

It arrived on the Tuesday, very impressive and was really well packaged. It had the guitar box itself within a huge box with lots of padding. The guitar came out and i started playing and I remembered why i chose it. It had been previously set up by Washburn's professional Luthiers in the U.K and is so easy to play. Every note is clear and crisp and the tone is to die for.

I am so impressed with the guitar, and RICH TONE MUSIC LIMITED that i decided to write this guide so that if anyone is wondering how or where to spend their hard earned cash on a guitar, then maybe this will help.

Rock on

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