Buying an Authentic MulberryBag

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Buying or Selling an Authentic Mulberry Bag

Ebay can be the perfect way to get yourself an authentic mulberry at a fantastic price and a way to still get the more traditional bags that can no longer be purchased in the shops or outlets. Have a really good look at the sellers feedback, it can a better idea for the buyer to use a seller with a proven track record of sales in these items they will not want to risk losing their good reputation on the sale of a counterfeit bag as their record is something they will usually of spent a long time building up. These sellers will be more than happy to help you get the item authenticated and will help answer any of your questions regarding the purchase, also they usually offer a refund if you are not happy with your purchase minus postage costs.

 A good seller will not have to make their feedback private as they will be more than happy to share with you their previous buyers experiences whilst dealing with them.There are sites like the purse forum which operate columns that allow you to get your bag authenticated before you bid or after your bag has arrived with you to give you confidence that your purchase is the genuine article.

From the other perspective as you being the seller have a look at the other listings to see the format that needs to be displayed in your photographs for the bag to be deemed genuine by people interested in purchasing from you, give as much detail on size, colour, condition and if you know when and where purchased from originally, ebay kindly give you space currently for 12 photographs which when taken in well lit area's can give a very clear image of the item available and will save you adding and answering a lot of questions from prospective buyers. Be prepared for buyers to ask if you would be happy for them to get it checked at one of the designer forums.  Answer all questions with as much information as you can being understanding that someone making an expensive purchase needs to be cautious in their approach.

 Lastly whether buying or selling if you can use paypal as your chosen payment plan as this gives both buyer and seller protection for the sale and a fast, convenient and easy way to send and record your sales and purchases.



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