Buying an Electric Scooter or Bike

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When you are considering buying an electric bicycle (or ebike as they are commonly known) for use in the United Kingdom it is very important to see that it complies with British legislation for Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC). 

Most ebikes in the world are made in China where they have millions of users. The quality is good so there are no worries there, but most of these vehicles do not comply with UK law. To be able to ride your e-bike on British roads it must be:
  • no more than 200 watts in power
  • no more than 40 kilograms in weight
  • with a maximum unassisted road speed of no more than 25kph (15mph)
  • carrying CE certification showing compliance with the EAPC regulations.
Before you buy you should make sure that the bike has been designed to comply with these requirements.
Just search for eriderbikes or E-Rider Ltd to find the most attractive and stylish electric scooter on the UK market which fully meets UK legal requirements and allows anybody aged 14 or over to ride it on the road without a driving licence, registration or MOT.

You can travel up to 30 miles for 20 pence on an E Rider. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly transport you can get.

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