Buying an Xbox 360 from ebay

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I'm writing this guide as I have some knowledge of the Xbox 360 and also buying and selling them on ebay.

There are several questions you should be able to answer before you purchase a system from ebay, I'm assuming your familiar with the different model and the accessory that come with each.

  1. Is the seal still intact on the front of the console, this seal should not be broken as this will void any warranty offered by Mircosoft, if the unit is repaired by Microsoft they will reseal the console, the sticker is silver with black writing on and can be viewed by removing the front face plate. 
  2. Is the console banned from xbox live?  Microsoft will ban any console that is found to be playing copied (backup games) this may or may not be detected so there are a number of consoles that are “flashed” or “upgraded” that will work on live, you can tell by looking at the security seal as this will be broken during the flashing process.  If the console is flashed and working on xbox live there is no guarantee that it won’t be banned in the future.
  3. If the console is banned, that is no big deal if you don’t intend to go online, if you’re happy to play offline you may well get a bargain in the process.  but do note that you will never be able to download any updates to play other video formats such as Divx or Xvid or receive any dashboard updates that can fix bugs or add new features.  This will not even work if you put your hard drive into a friends console as the update is only enabled on an xbox once you have singed in using it.
  4. Does the console have HDMI?  This is a High definition interface similar to DVI, the xbox can output various resolutions up to 1080p.  You will need a HD ready TV with a spare HDMI port to use this connection, All elite consoles come with this as standard and some of the newer Arcade and Premium’s have this feature. This is in addtion to the normal AV connections.

If the xbox has HDMI it also means that it has a newer revision of motherboard, this is unlikly to have a RROD problem in the future.

When buying a console with a HDD I strongly recommend formatting the drive before using the system online, or at least removing all gamer profiles, should you sign in with one of the profiles and it as for example a game save from a copied game before it was released the console will be instantly banned!

If I think of anything else I’ll update this guide.

Hope this helps!!





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