Buying and Selling Automotive Workshop Manuals

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Searching for a Manual

Try the usual eBay search box, but you can also use Item-specifics searches. Don't forget to look at the eBay shops listings after the auctions. These items will usually be Buy-it-now, but may well end up cheaper than the eventual auction price, AND you get it much quicker! eBay shops are able to list more items, for longer, so you will also get a better selection.

Be specific.

Specify Make, Model, Year, and Engine type. By this I mean Petrol or diesel. Later Haynes Manuals cover both, but earlier ones do not.

Not listed?

Try running a Want-it-now (WIN) advert to find what you want. Sellers will probably be looking at the latest WIN adverts automatically (I certainly do). Be specific when you enter your WIN listing. Specify make, model, and year in the WIN title.
DON'T just put "haynes manual".
Also try asking sellers of similar manuals if they have what you are looking for. DON'T buy off-eBay, as you will have NO comeback if there's anything wrong. Be warned!

Haynes Manuals.

Haynes manuals are the most popular. However, there are several formats used over the years. The new format, is more concise, and printed on thinner paper making it lighter. There is usually ONE book covering Petrol AND diesel variants. The older version is very detailed, and even includes sections on gearbox rebuilds! Confusingly, the Haynes book number will usually be the SAME for both versions of the book.

Selling a manual?

Again, be specific. Make, Model,Year, Engine type, condition. (Be honest!)
If it's a Haynes manual, then possibly specify the Book number as well.
Also for Haynes, specify whether it's the old, or new format.
If it's something a bit obscure, then it may well be better to list it as an eBay shop inventory format listing, as these items take longer to sell. (But they DO sell..)
Whatever selling format you use, always include a photo of the actual item (not just a picture you have grabbed from Haynes!)
(You don't need to use the Gallery option, as it costs more and isn't worth it for these books)
Always check on the Haynes website to see if they still sell THAT book. If they do, point out how much they charge. If not, then point out that Haynes don't sell the any more. It's a win-win situation!


These things are heavy. Packaging costs money. Always ship these things in a bubble-wrap envelope, and pass on the costs.
A large old-format book will cost £4.28 to post, and a lighter new-format one will cost up to £3.50. (prices as at September 2007). Don't be afraid to charge what it costs. Bear in mind that Haynes charge £18.99 for a standard book (inc postage).


You will NOT make any money buying manuals from eBay and selling them on eBay. The postage costs will wipe out any profit!

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