Buying and bidding sensibly.

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We have all done it? "I am not getting outbid by another bidder." And before you know it you have pushed the price well over what you were willing to pay for it. Great news for the seller, but not such great news for your budget.

Lets say for example you want a hand held game system? Go through the listings carefully seeing which sellers are giving extra items with the consoles IE games, chargers, cases etc. Be sure to read the description carefully? A seller who takes the time to list every detail about their item is usually a good bet check payment details but most of all check the postage, we all add a little on to cover packing and visiting the post office to post your item off to you, but sometimes postage can be rather extreme and push the final payment up quite considerably.
Don't be afraid to ask the seller a question? If a seller puts your question on view you can be sure 9 out of 10 its the truth, If your question is not answered then the credibility of the seller may be dought. Don't be afraid to bid on new sellers items after all power sellers started the same way and look at them now? And generally you could get a better bargain because every one could be thinking the same way.
EBay is an adrenaline pumping fun place to buy and sell for people of all ages and from all walks of life. So have fun spend plenty but be careful.
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