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Buying and Selling

I have a strong opinion when it comes to principles and prerogatives for a consumer when you are either buying or selling an item , I believe this should always be a three way system of communication not only with the seller nor the buyer but also with e bay ,My annoying example and what has led me to right this page is " I recently bought an item online from another seller I sent him numerous  messages on questions about the item and did not receive one reply until three days later , I read about the feedback he had from previous customers and it was not good , I decided that I would cancel my transaction but I am told the seller has to agree , the seller is now being awkward so e bay  need to step in, I have a right to cancel and not deal with this person if I don't want to, no one should be asking me why if by his past experiences and feedback is bad, I urge all future buyers before you make any purchases to read about the item and also look at previous feedback about the person you are buying from, you will find that if you are in any difficulty and have problems e bay are only there to be a middle man and nothing else , you have to follow their rules and even if you have a genuine reason for your case you will travel three times around the world before it is solved , I am not for one minute saying e bay is not a great place to shop because it's the only way, what I am saying is before you purchase anything and commit to any monies being exchanged do your research and homework properly that way you would experience peace of mind , Maybe it's me but I always work with the customer is always right and it don't matter if you are buying for £10000 or £ 0.10 p

You have been Warned !!

R Vassilliou
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