Buying and selling items on ebay and postage

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Having bought and sold on ebay for some time now i have noticed a wide range of prices for postage for the same item or similar sized items.

1. My advice for sellers is to not push prices of postage up to account for fees etc. Buyers will look else where and find  sellers who only charge a realistic postage charge. Some sellers put an item on at 1p and postage say at £3.99p of which actual postage would be 48p. This is to avoid ebay fees and im not that convinced that it really sells more than if the item was put at a more realistic price and a much fairer price for post added. Ebay has started to put measures into force for people who charge excessive postal costs.

2.  We are constantly told to recycle, so if you can recycle those jiffy bags by opening it carefully and putting an address label over the old address it will be your part in saving waste and also you can save money on the post and packing side. I have done this for some of my sales and buyers are quite happy with this as it allows me to cut down on postal costs and if buyer saves money there they are more likely to purchase more.

3. It may also help to give a buyer a choice on postal rate, if you offer 1st or 2nd class  they have a choice of getting item  a few days later  but costing a little less.  Its worth offering  other rates  as optional like recorded  delivery  but  this would depend on the value  of items. If an item is sent proof of posting and it is lost then compensation  will be  12 first class stamps up to a maximum of £34  This is the same as recorded delivery. If an item is worth more than £34, then either Special delivery or ( parcel post with enhanced compensation ) should be used. Example with parcels is for item of value up to £100 then costs would be price for sending + 50 p or for £250 = price for sending + £1.15p, Please note these costs may have or may change at any time, the best thing to do is go to your local post office and they will provide you with booklets on all of their charges at home and abroad.

4. Sellers remember, if a buyer is happy  with your postal costs  he probably will buy again,  but if you  over charge  then  they may look elsewhere, and with the new 5 stars rating on feedback you could find low rating on post and packing affecting your sales.

5. Buyers always check how much a seller is going to charge you for postage. Some sellers hide postal costs in lines of details about the item and some don't even put in postal costs, ( beware of what is written in post section as some put "sellers standard rate"  ) one to check as this could mean any charge and any service. I was once charged sellers standard rate £2.50 for an item that came in small envelope 2nd class, actual cost was 21p stamp.  If no clear costs stated then ask the seller  for  price and keep the message  with their answer , again a seller may quote 1st class but when they  send it out may use 2nd class.

6. Another way to help yourself is if you see an item you want look through at other sellers and their costs compare prices and take a look at the feedback of the seller and in particular look at their star rating for post and packing. There are plenty of resources for sellers and buyers on ebay, use them and you can cut down the chances of being ripped off

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