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Firstly, always be polite even if the seller appears offhand

Make sure the person you talk to is the decision maker, don't pitch without knowing if they are 
Turn the tables by naming the price you'd like to pay (lower than your budget) and ask them to justify their asking price
Do your homework - if you  check websites and shops like mine, you may well find that you can simply buy from one decent source like me, you can save yourself the hassle of driving and negotiation and stress
Find out if you have an expert negotiator locally - for example I will attend any sales meeting for a fixed fee and a no win, no fee basis and negotiate on your behalf
Check websites and other dealers and always be prepared to walk away from a deal and set the seller a time when you'll return to hear whether they will acccept your offer or not...
Don't go to a deal expecting it to be easy - people have to sell to eat too!
Once they agree, go for the kill and ask for some extras to be thrown in
Refer people to good sellers always and gain their links and promo codes and use them like mad for a better deal next time you go back!
Good luck
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