Buying art on eBay

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Buying art on eBay is an exciting venture. Firstly the number of works currently available on the market place, by so many different types of artists easily surpasses anything that is available from your high street gallery, and at a fraction of the price too.

There are of course great advantages from buying art on eBay of which;

1. The majority of the time you are either buying direct from the artist (Seller) or from eBay based gallery.

2. There is a greater pallet of colours, sizes, styles to choose from in an easy to use with over 70 categories to choose from within 'Art'

3. You can make your choice wisely by looking what feedback other buyers have left.

4. Have your artwork or painting delivered direct you as all this happens from the comfort of your own home. All so simple.

Ok we've looked at the qualities of buying art on eBay now we need to know about what we're buying, from what artist and where etc. Most artists working for themselves will represent themselves and have a biography or resume. They will have examples of their work or an online portfolio and further more you will want to know whether the work they are selling is certified, signed, dated etc. A good reputable artist will always sell their work signed, dated and complete with signed documentation certifying that this is genuinely their own work.

You can never be ripped off from buying good original art on eBay at the end of the day what ever you pay is going to be considerably cheaper than anywhere else online right? Artists work hard to produce works that they will want to sell well and be kept well by their collectors.

Commissioned art on eBay? What is this. Some artists (sellers) will list an original painting from their previous collection as available for commission. When you bid to buy a commissioned painting you are paying to have a painting created from absolute scratch. I think this is one of the most exciting ways of buying art on eBay right now as you can always ask the artist to perhaps change some variations, or add something for example, people or birds, perhaps a little more of a certain colour to match your furnishings. The possibilities are endless.

Buying art on eBay is both fun and rewarding and if you're looking to buy good art then take the time to do some research about the artist and the work. Shop around before you part with your cash. Of course there are good art and very expensive art to be found on here but I strongly believe that a piece of good artwork is worth every of its penny. On average as a collector, an original hand painted piece of art that you pay between £60 and £80 on eBay will cost you almost double this price anywhere else. Do remember although you want to pay a reasonable price for your art, the artist (seller) also has commitments to be met for selling their work on eBay which I'm sorry to say does not come cheap.

Good luck in your search.

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