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How to be sure you will be happy with your purchase

Firstly, remember that art is subjective. If you look at a picture and love it immediately, you know it is a goer! Browse are using search words that you are interested in, subjects that you like, or styles. You'll know as soon as you see something that it is the right piece for you!
Next is a matter of price. If you love something, you may be prepared to pay big for it. But before you place a bid, do some research first. Is the piece an original? What medium does it use? It may be a limited edition print, in which case you should be paying less for it. If it is just a print, with nor set run, then you are basically buying a poster. You also need to know how it is being sold - is it framed? Painted on canvas? It might be on paper or canvas but unmounted and will come to you as is, for you to choose how to display it. You also need to take into account the size in this case, as it is much easier to find standard sized frames - is an item is not standard sized, you are looking at paying extra for bespoke framing.
Lastly, who created the piece? Google them and see what other similar items sell for, in order to get an idea of how much you should look at bidding. You may find the piece is a one off and you will just have to decide what you are comfortable paying!
The main thing is, be guided by your instinct to find the right piece for you, and have fun searching! Just be sure to do a little research before buying so you are not disappointed when the postie arrives!
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