Buying bargain baby/children's clothes

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Babies and children grow so fast and go through so many clothes that they only wear a handful of times. That's why buying on eBay is great! You can pick up some real bargains, some which are even brand new! 

One tip I have is don't be afraid to buy clothes that aren't new. I was a bit of a clothes snob when I first had my baby, but it soon becomes very expensive to buy brand new clothes that will last for two weeks before they either grow out of it or manage to stain it!  I know I had quite a few outfits that my little girl never wore for various reasons, others she wore maybe once or twice but were still in the same condition as the new ones. Just check the description first, the seller should always mention if there is any damage or marks. Always check the photos as well just so you've got a realistic expectation of what you're bidding on.

When I'm searching for bargains I try to not search for something too specific, rather than searching for 'pink long sleeved blouse from (shop name)', if you have time just try searching for 'top' along with the size you need. Some people don't have much time to go into lots of detail when listing so I have managed to find loads of great deals just by widening my search. 

That at would definitely be my number one tip!

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