Buying cake toppers / icing decorations

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There are now loads of sellers on eBay printing their own icing toppers and printed rice papers. But not all are equal!

Many are breaking copyright by using images of paper plates, balloons or simply using an image off the web and printing it on an icing sheet. The quality of some of these images are questionable to say the least. Their image editing skills do seem to be very basic in some cases - do you want your child's birthday cake to look like a plate has been placed on top of it?

Rice paper decorations / toppers is another area to be careful in. Do the rice papers come ready cut or are you expected to cut them out yourself? Do the images look right or are they distorted or squashed?  If you have to cut out your own (not much fun unless you have a stamp cutter!) are the images far enough apart to enable you to do this?

There are some sellers who sell quality commercially printed licensed images and these are definately worth checking out! If they cannot supply a suitable pre printed image for you or if you require a personalized greeting on your cake then a custom image is usually avaliable.

Check out the quality - ask your seller questions before you buy!

See my cake decorations at Cartoon Cakes.


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