Buying cars on Ebay from know alls...yeah.

Like if this guide is helpful

A thought or two on buying cars on Ebay,i,m not going to talk about the obvious checks you have to do,what  i would like to discuss are some of the "sales" blurbs to watch out for,thankfully there are many more genuine sellers than those ,who ,just maybe not so genuine.

Sadly our hearts tend to rule over judgement,many of the cars for sale or auction are not bargain of the century,yes,now and then you will find one,but believe me,its RARE! Lovely photos hide a mutitude of "history",or the person who has modified a car,these are quite frankly the worst,unless these modifications are simple,say,"alloy wheels,or special exhaust,but when it comes down to made up mods in some lock up,or i,ve spent a fortune in painting it an "unusual" colour,"BEWARE" ask yourself why?or the sales pitch that they have made a better car than the people who built them,"CRAP",today i looked at a description of a BMW ,which according to the owner was a better car than anything BMW could produce themselves,its faster,more economical,etc,etc,total bollocks,i,ve never heard such rubbish,and yet there are people bidding! what planet are they on,mars? Another was a classic Triumph,description was "all geniune,and original" sorry it was not,i challenged a question,never received a reply,so there you go. If you don,t know enough about a car you,re keen on,for goodness sake find someone who does know,never succumbe to the ego of a seller,so  why are they selling? Ask as many questions as you feel you need to,and if the seller becomes bored ,walk away,always,because there will be another,genuine sellers are great,because they will tell you everything,and never chastise,quick buck merchants will assume you are pain the arse,thats ok,just don,t buy the car!!

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