Buying clothes titled 'Designer'

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I will quickly explain what has recently happened to me in the hope you won't fall for the same trick.

Like everyone else I love to hunt for a bargain on eBay. I found a strategy that had worked well for me a couple of times but my last deal was not so good. When I carry out a search, I type in the key word 'designer' in the clothes category. A few sellers (usually beginners) will, for example, list a Burberry jumper for sale but they won't put the word 'Burberry' in the title.

They will title it 'Designer Jumper'. This will recieve very few, if any bids beacuse if you are looking for a Burberry item you will most likely type in the word 'Burberry' in the search engine. Now, - I have won items for next to nothing using this strategy but not without problems.

The first problem was a seller trying to increase the postage costs to send it insured (The description said there was no insurance available) He was basically doing this to get a few more quid out of the deal.- Please see my seperate Guide.

Secondly and more importantly there may be a reason why they have purposley missed out the Brand name. Certain brands employ people to check eBay and report fake items to eBay who then have to remove it. They do this by typing in the brand name and checking each listing of their product. If you haven't got the brand name in the title  - - Yes, You guessed it. It slips through their net and sells.

I recently bought a joblot of 6 x Designer tracksuits which I was planning on keeping  for birthday presents (Neice,nephew etc) I won them for a great price and one which I was very happy with, until they arrived at my doorstep. They were fakes and BAD fakes at that. I now realise that sellers, in order to avoid detection of selling counterfeit goods list there items this way.

Remeber this when hunting your next bargain.

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