Buying for a baby on a budget

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What is essential for your baby?

The average family will spend £3000 or more on their baby in the first year. When you consider how quickly your baby will grow, it may be necessary to look at what items you wish to purchase brand new and what may be bought second hand or nearly new, which will save you a small fortune.

A pram or travel system?
If you purchase a travel system, this will be suitable for your baby from birth up until the pre-school years. It is recommended that you read reviews on the different brands and styles along with the prices to consider best value for money. A travel system will include a car seat that attaches to the pram, this is really convenient in the first 6-9 months, and will avoid the necessity of purchasing a separate car seat for a new born baby. When considering whether to purchase a new one or a second hand one, look at potential repairs or replacements that may be required... review any wear and tear on the wheels, tyres, and marks that may be on a well used pram. Ebay has some great shops where you may purchase a brand new  quality branded travel system from around £120, which will be likely to last you for years.

Moses Basket / Crib / Cot?
Your baby will only be in the moses basket or crib for up to 6 months. Many parents will be wanting to clear their homes of these items as quickly as possible after their baby has outgrown them, meaning that you may pick up a bargain on ebay from as little as 99p for a moses basket or swing crib. It is ideal to review what items are for sale sorting by distance. See how near to your home products are for sale and once a transaction has been completed, you may be lucky like I was to pick up a moses basket with stand for 99p, a swing crib for 99p. It is recommended that you purchase a brand new baby mattress for each baby. Argos and Boots often have good offers on these.

When moving your baby to a cot or cot bed, consider the space you have and how long you wish them to sleep in the bed for before purchasing a bigger bed. A cot bed can be better value lasting for 5 years. Again it is worth considering what may be purchased second hand from a reputable ebayer.

Bedding for the moses basket / crib / cot. This is something that will be well used and require frequent machine washes / tumble drying. If buying these items second hand, be sure to check the condition they are being sold in, or you may not necessarily be getting a bargain.

This same principle may be applied when considering all equipment you may intend on purchasing for your baby, including gadgets such as monitors, breast pumps and battery-operated swings. You may wish to use your sink or a washing-up bowl instead of a baby bath.

Budget brands have to pass the same safety tests as the expensive brands and are often made by the same companies. Provided the condition of the items being purchased are reviewed before you place a bid on them, you can buy for your baby on a budget.  You may wish to add simple finishing touches to your items, using stencils, a soft sheet / blanket

In case of concerns of allergies, some sellers will list their items being from a smoke and pet free home. With a bottle of baby sanitiser to wipe over the second hand items, you can be sure that your baby will be safe in the equipment you have purchased for them.

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Happy Bidding!

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