Buying for a new baby

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My main tip here is listen to advice, I absolutely understand that as a first time parent advice from other parents and your own parents can become tiresome but in all honestly I may have save myself hundreds but just believing that sometimes experience is worth listening to.

I know we all want new things for our brand new baby and certain things need to be new, I totally get that.  A moses basket and car seat for sure.  But honestly DO NOT BUY CLOTHES and if you do don't go for outfits.  Babygrows are your friend, they are comfy for bubs but also easily changed, my record for my first was five clothing changing in one day.  Also changing tables, fancy baths and enormous high chairs all seem like a great idea but fast forward 6 months, your running out of space, changing your baby on the floor, bathing them with you in the big bath and desperately trying to force the high chair into your cupboard when you have guest coming for tea.  

A changing mat, bath rest and compact high chair are really all you need.  

Also think very carefully about your pram/pushchair.  We spend  a fortune on an all singing and dancing thing and barely used half of the attachments.  A great travel system is fab and usually half the price.  Remember the fast forward.......... I was super ready for a lovely, fold flat buggy as soon as possible, the beast I had bought took up the entire cupboard and half the hall.

Just my honest experience but it may well save you some bucks, a nice day out would be a much better way to spend it!

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