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I am writing this guide just after taking delivery of my third vehicle from AKVS.

I have purchased one 04 vivaro, one 04 combo and one 02

The reason fro this guide is to explain to the uninitiated how they work.

As a background it does apear they mostly deal in low milage stuff, usually with a balance of manufacturers warranty. Speak to their salesmen and explain what you want, they usually can find something, but please remember that low price means higher milage.

If paying through finance then initially they need to secure the car - small deposit by card - then they take some details, then fax a form to fill in ,then get you a response usually same day. Once finance is agreed they then send a man to you with forms to sign (or post them) he also needs to see a copy of paper and card driving licence - he will photocopy these.

After signature you will be called in 1-2 days after your vehicle is prepared to arrange delivery. They are very flexible, and delivery is easy.

So, some comments -

TIME - it is not as quick as going to a dealer, but costs less

HONESTY - they do get things wrong sometimes, but they always 'make it right' - they sent my 02 combo with no tax we didnt notice and it got clamped and towed. AKVS paid for clamp removal, taxi costs etc etc.

QUALITY - overall seems good, they plylining is proffessional, the valeting is A1, the oil and filters are always new.

ACCOUNTABILITY - you can always find the man you spoke to before - there is only 4-5 salesmen i think, Shaun is the most patient, and David is good too. I havent spoken to the others. The company owner can be contacted by leaving a message - and he does call you back (not something you can often say)

BAD STUFF - Their vans are NOT scrappy stuff - so even though you could get a vauxhall combo for £2750 private, the same age from AKVS would cost more (being fair it would have lower milage and better condition)



If you need a solid van, that will last, that turns up ready to go with no problems call these people.

They have been about for a long time.

NOTE - ignore their feedback - NO ONE buys on ebay - i have bought 3 and i never have, you just cant - they have too much choice to list all on ebay -


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