Buying from China for kids

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Buying from China for Kids

I buy quite a lot of my kids clothes from china so when Bzzagent asked me to write an eBay guide i thought id share a few of the things iv picked up along the way.

Remember it will more than likely take 6 weeks or more to get to you.

There sizes seem to be one to two sizes smaller than the UK
So for an age 4 id buy at least a 5 maybe even a 6.

It really can be hit and miss on the quality, so once you find a seller that supplies you with reasonable (for the money) quality, its worth going back to them again.

After a while you will be better at  judging how something will really look.

I often try to buy in bulk to make sure I get a size that fits then sell the rest on.

Iv had some really nice items from China and some terrible ones to, but I still think its worth the risk as it works out so cheap.

Shop around so many different sellers selling the same product but at very different prices and quality, always read reviews but also remember some peoples expectations are very high for the small price they pay.

Most of the time the same picture is used, keep an eye out for pictures that state Actual Item/Product/Picture this is what you will really be getting not what's in the standard picture that they've all used.

I will carry on buying a lot of items from China as 80% of the products iv bought have been well worth the money.

There are certain things I will never buy again
One of them being dolls!
They are the worst quality and fall apart so easily which also makes them quite dangerous to kids, everything about them is very bad the dolls and clothes all fall apart, they really are a waste of money no matter how cheap they are.



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