Buying from Electronic Star and other foriegn sellers

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Electronic Star sell a number of interesting and apparently good value electronic items however

****BEWARE ****.


If you buy from abroad you will run into problems with delivery companys' who say they have tried to deliver when they havn't, returning faulty goods is difficult and expensive and if the seller decides to ignore you then there is almost nothing you can do.

For these reasons many people will avoid ordering goods from abroad choosing to buy from UK sellers (at least you can hassle a UK seller).

Like many sellers on ebay these days Electronic Star doesn't seem to understand the need to be honest in thier listing or worse they are being deliberately dishonest. Ebay takes little or no interest in resolving these issues and should where a seller is being dishonest (Trading Fraudulently) remove them from Ebay altogether. Paypal is little better as there is no guarantee that they will refund your money.

Bear in mind goods bought direct from a seller using a credit card are protected under the Consumer Credit Protection Act and if all else fails your credit card company must refund your money. No such protection exists for Debit Card or Paypal transactions.

Electronic Star claim goods are in the UK. They are not. This is fraudulent as customers are mislead into dealing with a company they would not normally deal with. thier delivery company's seem to let them down a lot, and they don't reply to Emails. Unfortunately you cant just pop down the road and knock on the door as they are in Germany.

Electronic star also indulge in another nasty practice in that when they or thier courier messes up and they get negative feedback, they will automatically leave negative feedback. This is not what the system is intended for. The seller should always leave feed back first as it should only relate to the payment for goods. Once the buyer has left negative feedback the seller should be blocked from leaving feedback for the buyer and restricted to replying in his own feedback only. This would avoid a company like Electronic Star being able to compound thier fraudulent trading with slanderous feedback.

Many of these issues should be dealt with by Ebay but they probably won't be. So all I can say is be careful, avoid foriegn sellers, never buy from a seller with a poor feedback history and if you are unlucky enough to be caught out complain in forums and reviews.

Good Luck

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