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1. Watch an item for more details, and for the price to be reduced if your lucky.
2. Send a message through eBay requesting any details you want.
3. Send a message through eBay requesting a “BuyItNow” if you need an item urgently.

Postage is usually First Class Recorded as a minimum (please see below)
Dispatch is usually within two days after your cleared funds. (Please see below)

Hi and welcome to my items on eBay,
If you visit my eBay page you will find out a bit more about where the items I get come from.

When I list items I put them on as quickly as possible so sometimes they are short on details and do not have pictures, if you watch an item I will then do a bit of leg work and add more details and pictures.

To list an item I;
Physically have the item, get all the bar codes/model numbers/ISBN’s/ect where possilel.
Weigh the item with minimal packaging.
Price the postage to cover the cost of packaging and the trip to the post office (3 minutes/item).
Set an initial price for the item that reflects the value of the item and what I hope it will fetch.
If you are not happy with any of the descriptions or prices please let me know, these things can be changed.

I print postage online with the price shown, when you receive it you will know how much I paid, If I have over charged you on the postage by more than what the packaging is worth + 50p (GBP) for my time, tape and printing etc,  I will refund the difference via PayPal only (once the funds for your purchase have cleared, in the case of holds or other payment methods).

So for example if you paid £3 for your item and it arrives in a normal envelop with one first class stamp on it, I will refund £2. This may happen because I guess postage very quickly based on how previous items were sent and how much they cost. In the case of multiple purchases once all items are won please pay in full, they will be packages together in the cheapest way acceptable to you then a refund will be made for the difference of postage costs.

Where eBay requires an item be listed with a standard delivery option at a set maximum price (2nd Class & not recorded), I will generally send the item First Class Recorded with the difference taken from the actual sales price of the item.

All items will be sent as a minimum recorded delivery to your PayPal registered address, even if it is not the postage option you paid for, unless the item is pick up only.

The reason for the 5 day dispatch is just in case I am very busy, generally items will dispatched within two working days of your cleared payment. I try to take many items at the same time for postage to save time, your worst case scenario is that you item will be dispatched the Saturday after your cleared payment. Please see feed back to confirm.

Updating Items
While my listings are active I peek at them at least twice a day, doing updates at night. If an item is cheap or not likely to sell for much I might not be as inclined to do updates based on watchers as I would for more expensive items but if you send a message I will revise it.

For our mutual benefit, everything on eBay stays on eBay. Please do not contact me outside of eBay regarding eBay purchases. If you Google my name you should see plenty of information about me, you may be able to work out that I use two-step authentication wherever possible including on eBay, Paypal and the associated email address. It is highly unlikely that my accounts will be compromised easily, details stored in my email about you will be deleted shortly after our business is concluded.

Payments by card can be processed using Google Checkout. Other payment methods will be considered on a case by case basis.

Payments of cash on delivery by myself or pick-up will be processed as follows;

1) You will be required to pay either a penny or a pound by Paypal (This is to avoid fraud for our safety).
For deliveries your card will be authorised an agreed delivery charge for an agreed delivery time via Google Checkout.
2) When we meet you will complete the eBay end of the transaction online, using my mobile device if required and the balance of the transaction can be paid in cash.
If I pre-authorised your card, I will take of the authorisation in front of you.
For deliveries, I will in preference arrange to meet you at a public place (tube/train station or coffee shop) rather than your home, if you are purchasing for business I will be able to meet at any business address I can verify. Likewise for collection I will meet close to my house at a public place as above.

If you have arranged a delivery and you do not attend within a reasonable time (20 minutes of the arranged time) I may have to charge your card and arrange another delivery for which there may have to be another charge, sorry. For a delivery or collection your mobile number may be required to facilitate the process.

Please do pester me if you want feed back & specific feed back after a successful transaction, I am quite slow at leaving feedback (if I do at all).

Freebies - You have read this far get something for it if you win!
Add unsold items to your winning bid! If I have an unsold item that you did not bid on that you might want, let me know. If its cheap and small  (compared to your item) I will most likely give it away (we will negotiate any additional postage through eBay if necessary). I have bags of computer cables (USB/Ethernet/& others) to get rid off, if you want one when you win let me know & I will try to find one the one you need and send it. Freebies are freebies they are given away as is with no warranty or statement that they are fit for purpose. For a freebie make sure you send a message through eBay at the latest the day after your winning bid.

Additional Services
I am selling a lot of tech stuff that I do not want anymore, I am well acquainted with 90% of the tech I sell so if you need something set up in London and it is not too much of a problem we can come to an arrangement. If you buy an item to be delivered to a business premises that 20 minutes is free setup time so long as your on-time, after that my rate is £22.50 per hour.

If there is any problem?
If you have come across any problem during bidding (bid on the wrong item, won too many lots and don’t have the funds in PayPal...), whatever the problem is please let me know, I will do my best to help and come to a compromise.

If there is any way that I can make our transaction better please let me know.

Happy Bidding, I hope you give my old stuff a nice home & All The Best

   Reuben De Souza


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