Buying from new ebayers or low percentage sellers

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I have been with Ebay for 3 years now and I would say half my experiences have been bad. I am a very honest seller who details every aspect of the item I am selling and in turn when buying I pay quickly...and I like to think others are just as consciousness but sadly this isnt the case.  When you want something so bad you take the chance and bid in spite of the poor reviews or if a new first time sellar, and that is where I and many others get caught.

An example from my early days on ebay...a sit down exercise bike ...the ones where supports your back..I was the only bidder and was a bargain. Now I noticed the seller's reviews were from the same people and for small amounts like 99p and though a male was girls cheap accessories but I went  ahead. I paid straight away. The seller then emailed and said I am moving house tom and you need to collect by 3pm. I said back in your listing you never wrote this. He replied if dont collect it it will be dumped. To cut a long story short in the middle of the night he refunded me without my permission then put it as a buy it now for 99p of which one of the regular reviewers on his site bought. I told him I was shocked at his behaviour to which I got f off b.tch. I told ebay I believed he was inflating his reviews with false sales from friends and didnt give me the bike as was a cheap winning bid. I was right in the end..he sold three I.phones each one nearly 300 pounds but didnt have them in the first place. He got taken off ebay. Long and short of it...I wanted it badly and ignored that niggling doubt. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but i still didnt learn.  I had the 95 percent seller who sent me boots where the heel actually seperated from the boot and stuck with glue who said must have been damaged by royal mail. ..or an item which was classed as a genuine Hasbro no.1 sold out game which when came was a Chinese imitation. The point I am saying is no matter how bad you want something. .check the reviews careful if they are first time seller. ..they have no reviews to attest to their selling powers. I was recently scammed twice by two seperate sellers. They were boots selling for 8.99 and free postage but elsewhere for 20...if it looks to good to be true then it usually is. These sellers said 70 pairs sold yet had no reviews. After I emailed one of them and said wheres the reviews then...I got no reply but all of a sudden about 20 reviews appeared on their page all in french or german. I didnt buy from that guy but was duped twice with similar...ebay stopped the sale as fake but I had already paid.  Do you know how hard it is to get your money back especially when they tell you that person no longer on ebay.  First time sellers. ..I know we all were once but people dont read the rules and think can sell anything regardless of what they state is true. Example nearly new boots..great condition. I emailed her before I bidded and seemed  nice so went ahead. The boots came with dirt and mud and black felt tip marker coloured in on the scratches. These are lessons which have taken me a long time to learn as I love the thrill of a bargain and cant resist  it but its my down fall  when I see something too good to be true...and the buy it now ones can seem the worse. Those felt tip coloured in near new boots from new look were selling for 4 pounds. ..exactly  lol. Just think for a my haste for a bargain I haven't at times and been burnt. You yourself  may be honest and trust worthy and there are us genuine folk on ebay. ..but for every 1 of us there are 3 of the scrupulous ones. So I have the three Ws to say to you... Be wise and be warned!  THANKS. 
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