Buying from overseas or for sellers too

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this guide is designed to help you make an informed choice about buying from abroad.

firstly, i have bought and sold abroad myself. 

I sell and buy from america quite a lot and have generally found the sellers helpful and friendly.  Yes the postage is more but that is because it costs a lot more to post overseas.  Some sellers don't charge lots and lots extra, they really can be quite resonable, especially if you factor in the money you are saving on the actual item.
Some buyers from America have become confused over postage charges from me  it is not my fault they are high and in all cases i have never left negative feedback as i feel that is unfair for genuine mistakes.
For quickness divide dollars on half and you have pounds  this is a rough estimate when bidding for items in the US........10 dollars is around 5 pounds.

I also sell to Europe, and have done so with no problems.  My customers spoke english very well and their items arrived in good time.

I refuse to buy from China or Japan personally.  i find that they are quite unwilling to refund on postage if your item is faulty which would not normally bother me as many sellers do this but their postage prices are very high a lot of the time, and you will not get this back.

If you have any problems then most sellers are willing to answer questions before you even bid, after all they want their items sold with the minimum of hassle.

If you are selling overseas always send airmail, its faster and safer.  Surface mail can cause serious problems if your buyer has issues with the time it is taking and reports you to paypal.  If buying check what method they are using to send it, generally it should take 7 to 10 days, perhaps a little longer for normal mail from the US.
Only take or give money by paypal, it converts your money for you and saves lots and lots of time and hassle.
When starting out try to only bid on things where the seller or buyer speaks the same language as you, or sorting out potential problems may become difficult.
Items over 2kg in weight sent abroad are really expensive  i normally only offer items this size and up to the UK

In saying all that there is only one buyers i have ever had that was rude, another was a little confused and the rest were all very friendly people.
I hope this has helped and if it has please vote, it is nice to know i helped you in some way.
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