Buying from the UK, Or Abroad?

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We have all been there, looking at the same item, but debating which seller to buy from?

In my personal experience, it all depends on 'how fast do i need it?'

there are times I am buying, and I want the item posting out ASAP, and other times where I don't mind the wait, and this is usually my deciding factor as to when to buy from a UK seller, or from abroad. 

Whenever I buy on E-bay, I generally don't buy at auction unless its for something quite expensive in which case I can make huge savings. so I always select the 'buy it now' category - then I order them in price + postage - lowest first. This right away leaves me with the best prices to just simply check out. but many of the best prices, are not from the UK. the item may be the exact same item, made in the same factory. but the tax that has been paid to get it in the UK and for the sellers in the UK to make a profit on the item, the price goes up. When not in a rush for the item I will simply select the cheapest item that I wish to purchase and check out. My Father on the other hand ALWAYS pays over the odds and selects the UK sellers selection and pays more for the same item. His reasoning is always not trusting the item to arrive, but virtually every E-bay purchase is covered under the E-bay buyers protection scheme, if it doesn't turn up or you have any trouble when it arrives, if you cant sort it out with the seller, E-bay will step in and take care of the problem for you. Its rare it gets to this stage though, as most sellers on E-bay trade on reputation. They want your positive feedback and will generally bend over backwards to ensure this. I have had sellers post items lost in the post out a second time, and others offer an instant refund - because it has been sorted amicably I leave a positive feedback, as I have had a positive experience in resolving the issue. If there is no rush to get the item I am always going to select the best value for money option. There is very little risk, if it doesn't arrive, the seller or E-bay resolve the problem. 

Now when I need an item quickly, I would select the same options, but then select UK sellers only. I will then have a list of the same items, and available for first class postage within the UK to get me the item as fast as possible. 

Choosing where your item comes from is all up to you, but if you want to save money and don't mind waiting a few weeks, try buy from outside the UK, its always best to shop around and work around your own needs :)


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