Buying geninue Nokia Phones on e-bay

Like if this guide is helpful
There are alot of nice and expensive nokia phones out there and many people are selling fake versions of it cheap and claiming it to be the geninue product.
I think the best way to spot the fake is by looking at the keypad, a lot of the chinesse versions have chinesse writing on the number keypad, on the geninue nokia phone you will not see that. Look closely at the picture and if there is not a proper of picture of the phone you are after, ask the seller to upload it so you can have a look at it. Enlarge it and closely examine it. Look at the feedback to see if people have left any feedback on its being a fake. On top of all this try to research that particular model and look at it in a proper mobile phone shop, ie: Phones4U, T-Mobile phone outlets, O2 shop, Orange shop, etc. Or even better if you know someone to have that particular model ask them if you can have a look at it. This is so that you know what that geninue thing looks and feels like. There are quite a few of Nokia outlets there, perhaps that would be your first point of call, they would tell you all the proper specs of it straightaway.
Another way to spot a fake, I believe, is that a lot of sellers selling Nokia phones, are saying its assembled in China. This I believe to be not true, a true give away that its a fake. Nokia do not send there phones to be first made then send it on to another country to be assembled, especially in China.
As for the country of it being made in, there are a number of them made in various countries where Nokia have their factories, that could be Finland, Germany, etc, again check that as there could be made in anywhere in Europe.
And last but not by anywhere least, check the IMEI of that particular model, I don't know of any web site which would safely clarify its authenticity. You google it or try the Nokia website or even better try any Nokia service centre.
Don't rush into it, especially if its expensive, I know because its happened to me and I paid for my actions, this is why I have written this guide so that you don't fall into the same trap as I did.
Thanks for reading and happy bidding.


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