Buying genuine Pringle and looking after yout garments.

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Buying Pringle and looking after your garments.

History and what to buy.

Pringle is one of; if not the best knitwear manufacturer in the world. With so much history and tradition. The Pringle jumper is an iconic piece of British history and culture that any fashion conscious person should own.

When looking for your Pringle jumper you will want to ask for measurements, dont assume as you are normaly a large that the large your bidding on will fit. Sizes have changed so much since the height of Pringle knitwear in the early 80s. A Lambswool sweater that reads L on the label from 1988 will be around 24-26" pit to pit. A large from the current seasons or since 2005 will be around 22-24" pit to pit. Obviously depending on styles.

The current season Pringle jumpers have a black neck label that reads '1815' this is the year the company was founded. The Collection jumpers which are the higher end of the market have a plain white neck label with pringle written in the new font.

The new font was introduced in 2005 as the company underwent a change in design under the new, former gucci desginer - Claire wright keller. Before 2005 you will see a rd label, a gold label and a collection label which has the royal warrants either side. Furthr back than this the neck labels have seen many changes but if you are unsure on the authenticity of your Pringle jumper. Quality is the best way to tell. Although its very rare to come across a counterfit Pringle garment.As opposed to the younger/cheaper Lyle & scott which has had its reputation as a qualoty knitwear brand somewhat damaged by this.

The golf range which was stopped in 2006 but recently re-designed is normaly seen with a green label. And the difference being the rampant lion is holding a gold club instead of a staff.

One more not to make which is normaly e best way to tell the age of a Pringle jumper is the ize of the lion, the bigger and 'skinnier' the lion is the older it probably is. As recent logos have seen the lion scaled down and made to look less detailed.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide to buying pringle, keep doing so as with Pringle jumpers, they only increase in value as time goes on. An original Argyle V-neck made from lambswool from 1978 would fetch around £80-£100 if kept in pristine condition. Simply because there is no better knitwear than Pringle.

How to wash and care for your Pringle knitwear.

The best way to wash any Pringle knitwear despite what the label may say is to hand wash with a non bio detergent. Simple, you wash it like this no shrinkage will occur. You can sometimes wash on a 30 or 40 depending on what the care label says, if there is no care label - HAND WASH. Dont take the risk. Some may also say to dry clean - this is a gamble as most dry cleaners use chemicals which are harmful to the fibres.

The main cause of shrinkage is the amount of agitation in the machine, not just high temperatures. When you remove the damp jumper, if you put it in a hot place, or anywhere near artifical heat you run the risk of shrinking your jumper. A radiator or an airing cupboard are like cancer to the fibres. You WILL ruin your jumper if you do this. You need to lay it flat and allowed to dry naturally.Follow the guidelines on the care label carefully and nothing can go wrong. I hope this helps.

40+ Degrees, Radiators, Biological detergents, high agitation cycles, tumble dyers. All these things a Pringle jumper should never see.

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