Buying genuine UK products on ebay

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eBay is a great place for all kinds of stuff. However, occasionally - due to the mass market ebay appeals to, many fraudsters and criminals use the site as an easy method to sell fake and counterfeit entertainment goods.


"How can i tell its a fake?"

Regional Code:

A good, but not entirely accurate of telling whether or not a product has been licensed for sale within the UK is by its region code. Many Chinese and American importers list products as Region 1 or 0 - This is a region not compatable with standard UK machines. The licensed genuine DVD regional code for the UK is region 2. That does not mean that a region 1 or 0 DVD is fake, as it may be genuine in the product's country of origin, however it may mean the product is being sold without license into a different market.

eBay listing:

A very effective method of telling whether or not a DVD or entertainment product is fake is by the language used on the actual listing. Common misleading catchphrases used may include:

- If you are not sure what you are buying, contact me;

- This product is featured within the public domain;

- The DVD will be posted in a blank sleeve;

- The DVD contains foreign language/ subtitles on it;

- The Seller has numerous negative/neutral comments, or a rating typically less than 95% positive.

Actual Item:

Most, but not all DVDs from major distributors have holograms, for example disney, which appear on the DVD packaging. Every genuine Disney DVD contains a hologram to prove its authenticity. If you have purchased a Disney DVD without such hologram you should report the seller here:

Other signs of a fake DVD is if the DVD contains no DVD case. Commonly, but not always, fake DVDs are distributed in Sleeves to typically save on postage costs.

A DVD with a title written on the front with a marker or highlighter is almost certain to be a fake DVD. Genuine DVDs typically have colour/ quality rich covers with copyright information. Chinese or foreign language on the DVD would suggest that the product is not UK thus possibly not genuine.


"Ive discovered that its a fake, what do i do now"

On eBay: We would inform ebay using the help tab at the top of the page. Take a note of the seller ebay ID and the item number. This will delay or prevent further copies being sold. It may take numerous attempts before the listing is actually removed from eBay. We would contact the seller asking for your money back. We would absolutely encourage you to leave negative feedback to educate genuine unaware buyers that the product is fake. Taking the above steps will remove the possibility of a further person being dissapointed by a fake DVD

Reporting the Seller: We also encourage you to report them here:







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