Buying good quality swarovski and beads

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I am taking this chance to help people out there get the best swarovski crystal beads available, i have noticed that there are a few people out there selling what claims to be swarovski, but in fact to a trained eye can see are cleverly crafted glass beads with a foil backing to create the look.

This makes me angry as a True swarovski will last you a lifetime and keep its brilliance.

As a rough guide you should always ask a few questions before you buy them from a seller-

Ask for the crystal style serial number and then check this against a well know online swarovski retail shop, check the styles match.

Ask for the colour- i have seen people list colours out there that are not used for swarvoski (this could be that they dont know the crystal colour name, but surely thats a sign that they dont know too much about their product)

Finally, check feedback, this will tell you weather the seller is reliable or not.

Maybe you dont mind getting glass immitations, if that keeps you happy then im pleased for you, but there are also people out there who want a high quality genuine crystal.

Quality speakes above quantity.

I have recently just started to sell swarovski crystals after completing my course in jewellery design, so i hope that this can be of some help.


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