Buying high tech equipment from China

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In simple terms DON'T. If you do your homework and keep your eyes open for UK, US or European auctions you will see direct ripoff auctions occuring for the self same items from China.

Typically these scam artists have a few feedbacks from a few users who also only have a few feedbacks and they all have garbled names like kdlzxsy(1) or some other garbage. Sometimes the scam is so blatant that the items appear in searches alongside the original genuine auction !

Only the background theme may be different, the pics and item descriptions are identical. Thankfully most are detected by Ebay who warn, at the bottom of the item, that there is no method of payment this item for the originating country and so not to bid. However this is not always the case !

Basically if the price seems to good to be true then it is !
Also no genuine Chinese auctioneer would repeat grammatical or typo errors common to a sloppy Westerner ;-)
Recently I've seen a lot of these scam auctions for hard to get discontinued, high value musical equipment. Behringer digital mixers spring to mind.
So fellow Ebay affectionados take care and be aware !
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