Buying in auction

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AndrewsBygones I have just read a review someone bought goods only to find not as advertised and damaged, i sell all types of antiques on e-bay & after many years of buying in auction houses the term generally used is .... BUYER BEWARE!!! .... i encourage people to e-mail me before bidding & i'am happy to supply more images or answer questions if i can, if you are not totally happy with discription & answers to your questions DON'T BUY .......FAIR WARNING FOLKS ... but generally auctions are good fun set a limit on your purchase & stick to it within a bid ..... hope this is of some help to someone. 

In regard to a return policy most auction houses operate a non return policy...once the hammer drops it is yours.... on e-bay i offer a return policy if i have mis-lotted goods which i think is fair in this case i will give a full refund otherwise you leave your self open to people just having a change of mind and wanting to return goods and this is a auction site not a high street store.

On a closing note go to your local auction rooms check the goods out get your eye in... the more pieces you handle you will get to know if a piece is right then on e-bay you may just get a little bargain!! Thanks for checking out my ramblings ....till the next time bye.  

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