Buying maternity clothing

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One of the tops on sale through my page


Well, I've had 3 children and I rally struggled to get maternity clothing, both top and bottoms. All the usual places I bought clothes didn't sell maternity, it seemed to be a special item. I worried a lot, all the time about the shape of my body. Buying clothes which was suitable for work was the hardest thing. Trying to be smart and comfortable at the same time. And worse still the cost. Buying from certain shops cost me £40 a top alone. It's a special time for you and should enjoy it. 

So. My advice for any pregnant woman would be to try and relax, buy something that makes you feel good. If you feel good then you will shine, and then it doesn't matter what your wearing. Enjoy the time you have to be pregnant. You don't have to buy a huge wardrobe of clothing whilst your pregnant, just a few bits and keep washing them. If your anything like me, you will only wear them for 6 months or maybe even less. Keep your money for when your special one has arrived. 

Part of this, this is why I set up Covermybump. I struggled with where to get clothes and the cost. 

Hole we you find this helpful.

Fi xxx 
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