Buying on Ebay

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Hello to buying on Ebay, generally most people are straight forward sellers or buyers. Most people want to sell something and genuinely have something they are selling which is worth more maybe than the price it's sold for on Ebay. Which is where other people get deals, so i would advise people who buy on Ebay to realise they are getting a deal. It's not a must for people to get things cheap but it helps when they do, but they should always appreciate that they are getting a good deal and something cheaper than the retail world of shops. 
Selling on Ebay will work if the people selling items and things others want, maintain a level of honesty which assures buyer they are getting a good and true description of the information they require to buy and item. if it's an Egg for sale with no cracks and will be delivered with no cracks then there is an ideal sale, anything other than this would be a wrong sale and void really in the eyes of the buyer. So honesty and truth are the real things which Ebay can rely on.
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