Buying on ebay

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So your on ebay to buy a car or something my biggest advice is if in doubt dont bid as ebay is vastly becoming a dumping ground for tatt that could be stolen, written off , or worse it dont exist. so dont be fool'ed. at time of writing this im looking for a car but all i have found are unroad worthy cars. you will get ebayer's saying bid to buy not to view well thats rubbish as law states that at time of collection you have one hour to complete your checks (take a friend as a witness for this) but if you see that dont bid (or take a chance and be strong could be a lemon tho) ebay should remove them as we are paying ebay to protect us. but lets say you do bid and you go to collect you car or new toy if its not what it should be then say no and walk away take a friend with you for support. check the car or toy over fully before you pay. the seller may abuse you but dont be fazed if he or she does then walk away. they will leave you neg feed back but dont worry just leave your coment as a reply as i my self have bid and won a car then went to pick it p only to find evidence of crash damage all over. so being stout of heart i picked the peanuts and walked away. some ebayers will make you feel you have to pay because you won it on ebay. and as for buy it now the simple answer is dont i always say if it over £50.00 on buy it now avoid it.

Disclaimer: This advice is for the honest ebayer and not to be abused. And i will not be held responsible for failed transactions.

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