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Now, we all like to get a bargain, thats why were are members on Ebay.  Lately i have noticed that people are paying over the odds for items, when with a bit of searching on the internet, that item can be found cheaper on other websites. Example, boxset on blu-ray selling for £23.99 buy it now, bidders think that they get a bargain because they won an auction at £22.50 but taking 5 minutes to look around the internet they would have found the same boxset for £17.99 new and sealed. Now that was just an example of a blu-ray item but is happening in all catagories, everyday. My advice is to think what you are looking for, search the internet for that item and find the best price, then search ebay to see if you can get it cheaper. At least that way you will know if someone outbids you, you can go to the other sit and get it cheaper. as i said at the start, we all like a BARGAIN.


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