Buying perfume from ebay

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Things to consider before bidding.

How to avoid fakes or over  priced perfumes and aftershaves

1. Google perfume and high street prices, get a rough idea on bottle size vs price and eau de toilette vs eau de perfum
2.  Look at prices of perfume on ebay- if it's too good to be true perhaps its a fake?
3. Look at sellers feedback and history of selling.  Also have a look at other items they have for sale, if its lots of different perfumes at cheap prices may be dodgy.
4. Investigate the pictures of the perfume bottles, is the packaging included?  What reason (if any) has the seller put for listing the perfume?
5. Check out picture of the perfume bottles on reputable website, is the bottle the same in the ebay pictures?
6. Have a look at other similar perfumes and how much they go for before deciding your maximum price (consider postage in the amount)
7. Can the item be returned if you aren't happy?  Will you pay the return postage?
8. Once you are happy with the above go ahead and bid!

*If you aren't happy with how an item is listed or want more info contact the seller and ask questions about it*

By Carys78

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