Buying preloved children's clothes

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How to snap up a preloved bargain

I would say 75% of my four and two year olds wardrobes are hand me downs, charity shop or eBay bargains.
why? Because I am a working mummy who rarely has spare cash to go and buy the latest seasons clothes for my kids to go rolling in mud, splashing in paint and  dripping the dreaded spaghetti bolognese down the front. I LOVE preloved clothes. Love them. People (unfortunately not me) have more money than sense and often the clothes I buy are in super condition, hardly worn.

some tips to make sure you're not left disappointed by what you get.
- Look for winter clothes in the summer and vice versa. I always clear  my kids  wardrobes out to make room for new season clothes and you'll find winter coats in April (taking into account what size your child will be by next winter) for an absolute SNIP!  Seriously, I got my kids winter coats last April for a grand total of... £7 for the pair!!  

-look on eBay for bundles - type in 'girls 12-18 month bundle' and search for the listings nearest your house. I've had a gorgeous bundle for £10 from three streets away saving delivery costs and making a new friend :)

- go IN CHARITY SHOPS! They ain't just for other people.. Go IN! Some charity shops  get  donations from big corporate stores and have new clothes alongside preloved.

do this! If not for your pocket, for the environment ... Encourage your kids to buy second hand, have a rummage, have a  good old look around. It's true, someone else's trash is another's treasure.

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