Buying property in Bulgaria

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Hi All
I'd like to say that buying in Bulgaria does not have to be a nightmare if you are sensible. I'm sorry to see some people are being ripped off, but come on handing over thousands for property you have not even seen is asking for trouble. Never, never make a purchase based purely on the pictures you see on the internet. We visited BG and about 95% of the properties that looked good in pictures were extremely rural and required major or total renovation. So what looks like a bargain in pictures is a bargain for a reason. There are lovely houses, lovely villages and wonderful people in Bulgaria. But like Britain there are places you wouldn't want to live and people happy to rip you off.
So take the time to do some homework, visit the country and only deal with reputable companies. Stara Planinia for example.
We purchased a beautiful holiday home in Veliko Turnovo and have made a lot of fantastic trustworthy friends. I can help you with contacts for Builders etc, and put you in touch with 100% safe people that will make house buying in Bulgaria easy and risk free.
Don't gamble with fly by night companies there are a lot that come and go very quickly in Bulgaria. Apply the kind of sense you would apply when purchasing here in the UK.
Visit the country, visit the areas your thinking of buying in etc. There are a lot of rural gypsy villages that are very very poor, so don't risk buying without viewing.
Hope this helps
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