Buying scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies

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When buying card embellishment and toppers.

- Search using the most relevent words associated with the item you want, for e.g if you are just looking for embellishments, thousands of items will turn up in the search results making it harder to find what you want. But if you know what you are after e.g Pink dress embellishments then a small selection of embellishments will show up in the search results, usually its online auction items followed by shop items.

- I preferred using shops for my crafty items before I opened my own shop, these give you added benefits such as combined postage, more selection of items.

- Be careful in regards to combined postage costs as it may sound all appealing, but some shops sting you when you get to checkout. e.g 1 shop I came across, was £1.10 postage and packaging and 15p per item.- so by the time you have got the 10 small items you wanted you were being charged nearly £3. BUT REQUEST AN INVOICE- SO PAYMENT CHARGES CAN BE AMENDED BEFORE YOU MAKE PAYMENT AS MOST WONT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK AS THEY ARE CHARGED FOR RECEIVING PAYMENTS- THEREFOE THE SHOP LOSES OUT. 

- shop around in the shops, some offer sales, or free postage and packaging after a certain amount -great way to take advantage.

- Sign up to shop newsletters - a great way to see all new items, when a shop  has a sale it also sends you a notification to let you know in advance.

- Scour the online auctions search by cheapest price first to snap those bargains up.

- To look for different shops hit the shop button under the search field and search by item using Card embellishments or embellishments to bring up all shops containing these items, its best using the overall embellishment word as the shops contain hundreds sometimes thousands of items which are broken down into handy catergories.

- and lastly sell your items you make to help fund your hobby!

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