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Many people get ripped off when buying consoles, most dont know what to do and unable to deal with it, i myself have not been ripped off, but thanks to the Ebay Q and A i've learned how to prevent this happening.

OK any experienced ebayer will tell you just to go to argos, believe me it will save all the agro. Why pay £190 + £15 P + P for a xbox 360 core console when you can pick one up from woolies for £195 (with a free game and memory card).

For those who really, really want to buy one off Ebay heres my advice....

  • Buy from a reputable seller, I've watched over many listings where no ones checked the sellers feedback and ofcourse a week later seller is no longer a member.
  • Read the discription some listings are plain obvious it's just a link, but ive seen a listing for a psp with 300 lines of discription and in the middle, very unnoticable "you are bidding on a picture" sadly i spoke to the lady who lost out on £500 and was heart broken. Dont let that be you!
  • Paypal buyer protection This gives extra protection for you, this gos for ANY high price items. You can find this by looking for the little shield next to the paypal icon.
    If it looks dodgy walk away. Yes its cheep, yep you really want it, but is it worth loosing £100 + ?
  • Check the sellers other items. is the seller listing different items then usual? Has the sellers account been quiet for sometime? This could be a hijacked account, you can't always notice them but they usually have "My ebay msgs don't work please email me at *****@hot..." never trust them.
  • Ask questions Get to know your seller abit, double check everything, dont be afraid to ask "are you selling the full console", no question is stupid when it comes to money.
  • Do research Know about the console before buying, know all the parts, some sell with out the charger and for a console like the 360 they cost up to £70 in shops.
  • Pick up When i sold my console i allowed pick up, they came and even had a play before taking it, they were very assured and happy with it, they'd bought one the week before off Ebay and ofcourse it was faulty.
  • Postal orders arn't protected if you dont recieve the item, same with bank transfers, a cheque is covered but not as good as paypal, it is definately worth signing up just for that one item.
  • Check the P + P, fee avoidence is usually done this way and some people bid with out checking.
  • Shill bidding best way to beat this is watching the item closely checking shilling and bid at last minute And your max bid. Dont get carried away, if you loose go somewhere else.
  • Disputes for info on how disputes work please go to the bottom of the page.
  • never send cash!

If i forgot anything ill add it later...

Links to live help, Q and A, and info on starting a dispute will be at the end of this guide,,,,,,

Selling a console on ebay

  • Preferences change your preferences to what you would like, best thing to change is noone with 5 or less feedback can bid with out a credit card. (change performances in my ebay on the left)
  • Sending your item always track it, its your only proof!
  • check your buyer Read there feedback if your worried cancel there bid and explain.
  • Nigeria i still come across people who dont know the nigerian scam, please just dont go there! (link at the bottom)
  • keep it on ebay Dont do an off ebay sale it's not just the buyer who can get ripped off here.
  • Keep the tracking number For 6 months after you've sent the item.
  • End the item at a good time, alot end them at 6 in the morning and i doubt they'll get a good price.
  • For pick ups DONT take paypal! cash on pickup only.
  • Buy it now if selling this way, do immediate payment required, only people who pay can buy.

If ive missed anything i shall add it later :)


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